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Please read our Privacy policy to find out what information we collect about you and how we use it. Additionally, please also read our Cookie policy.

By creating an account at BOOST-FOR-YOU.COM (“the Website"), you provide us with information about yourself, consent to the collection and processing of your personal information, and agree to the Terms and conditions and Privacy policy.

BOOST FOR YOU respects and takes due responsibility for users' right to privacy. We undertake to ensure the safety and security of the information received, keep and use it only according to applicable laws and according to the Terms and Conditions.

1. Compliance with International and Regional Laws and Regulations

We make every effort to comply with existing international and regional laws on the protection of personal data, such as:
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by protecting the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states.
We comply with all necessary measures to protect the personal data of our Website users.

California Online Privacy Protection Act
We do not share collected personal information with third parties.

- Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance
We do not collect information from anyone under the age of 13. Our Website and services are not intended for people under the age of 13.

- CAN-SPAM Act of 2003
We do not send spam or misleading information.

2. Purposes of Personal Data Processing

SITE.COM collects and processes your personal information for the following purposes:

1) Sale of services or goods on the Website
2) Order fulfillment
3) Creating of a personal account of the user
4) Providing technical or customer support or dispute resolution
5) Notifying users and customers of any changes to the Website, order progress, promotions, offers, discounts, the opening of a disputes, possible actions and sanctions against the account
6) Making refunds
7) Arranging personalized email newsletters of informational, technical or promotional nature
8) Collection of statistical data and marketing research
9) Forming general and personalized marketing offers from BOOST FOR YOU
10) Improving the Website based on information on user activity (usability, content, additional services, package offers, etc.)
11) Improving the service in the field of receiving, processing and execution of orders (work of Contact Center managers, executors)

3. Personal Data Categories to Be Processed

BOOST-FOR-YOU.COM collects users' personal information only voluntarily and as required by data-protection laws. Please see the list of information that we may ask for at certain stages of the registration process or during your use of the Website:

1) When a user visits the Website and while on the Website, information is transmitted to us:
information (cookies, computer parameters and characteristics, data on hardware events, including failures and actions on the Website, as well as browser settings, type and language, date and time of the request, and URLs of the transition) collected by your browser, search service, any other service from which the transition to the Website occurred, as well as services of user data analytics embedded in the site code;
the user's IP address and geolocation data;

2) When registering on the Website:
Name and/or Surname and/or Nickname of the user.

3) When placing an order, including when communicating with the Contact Center in chat on the Website or in any messenger:
Name for contact;
Contact information for prompt communication (Skype, Zoom, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.);
Game account data (server name, in-game nickname, game account login data, etc.)

4) When processing transactions:
The method of payment data.

In case of any disputes between the parties, while refunding, or to restore the access to the User's Account, a SITE.COM employee may ask the customer to confirm the data given in the order and payment by asking for a copy/scan/photo of an ID document (passport, driving license).

4. Procedure and Conditions of Personal Data Processing

By using this website, we collect data according to the following rules:

Your IP address will be saved when you open and browse the website. This is necessary to combat scammers and improve site security and performance.

4.2. When you communicate in our chat room, we will save all of your correspondence histories. This is necessary for the seller's provision of services, improve the quality of services, and further interact with you.

4.3. If you create a new account, we will keep the data you provided: email address, username.

4.4. If you change your profile, we will update the data in our database.

4.5. We may use the email address you provide upon registration to keep you informed of the progress of your order. It may also be used to send you your password or for any occasions when we are legally obligated to contact you. We use Mailchimp for emails sent through this site. We will never use it for marketing activities unless you sign up for our newsletter.

4.6. The data that we collect during the payment process of the order is minimal. Currently, no additional personal information is required for most payment methods other than the data specified during registration. However, for some particular payment methods, if needed for the payment system, the following data is required: 1) QIWI: phone number 2) VISA/MASTERCARD (via payment gateway emerchantpay): name, last name, address, country, city, phone number, zip code. We have no access to your payment data (credit card, etc.). All transactions and payment data are secure and are accepted and processed by certified payment systems.

4.7. The data you provide when placing an order (in the order form or our chat room), namely in-game information (e.g., server or character name), will be stored in our working database to speed up service performance. This data can be transmitted to the Contractor. Information that you send to the Contractor during the order execution is not subject to the Site's privacy policy; you send it at your own risk.

4.8. The data provided during the ordering process, contact information for prompt communication are stored in the order cards or the messenger correspondence history. They are not used for automated processing or mailing, or advertising.

4.9. BOOST FOR YOU reserves the right to share your personal data with partner companies, payment systems and services, and sites controlled by BOOST FOR YOU. Your personal information may also be gived to law enforcement authorities and services on the supported by the necessary documents request. In addition, we may provide data concerning your geographical location to our advertising partners.

5. How BOOST-FOR-YOU.COM Protects Your Personal Data, Location of Storage and Processing of Personal Data

All users' personal data are stored and regulated by the law to process and store personal data. BOOST FOR YOU is the controller of the storage and processing of personal data, registered at PR-D NABEREZHNYY, D. 24, KORP. 1, KV. 32, G. HIMKY, OBL. MOSKOVSKAYA, 141402, RUSSIAN FEDERATION.

The data centers where BOOST-FOR-YOU.COM data is collected and stored are located on the servers maintained by Hostinger and its authorized affiliates.

We follow a strict policy regarding by protecting the personal data and privacy and ensuring its safekeeping by the requirements of laws on the protection of personal data. All personal data received is stored only on secure servers and processed automatically. Your personal data will be accessed solely to provide and improve our services, following the purposes described in paragraph 2 of this document, in the absence of other processing methods. BOOST FOR YOU employees are instructed and comply with all necessary information security requirements when handling user data. BOOST FOR YOU employees are instructed and comply with all necessary information security requirements when handling user data. We use the most actual tools to prevent the theft or unauthorized distribution of your personal data. All payment transactions are made exclusively through secure gateways of payment service providers. However, if our security system is compromised and personal user data is stolen, we do not accept any liability.

6. Users' Rights Regarding Their Personal Data

Each BOOST-FOR-YOU.COM User has the following rights:

1) The right to change your personal data provided in the registration process.
To make changes, you must apply to the Contact Center. If the Contact Center finds your application valid and justified, the request will be granted.

2) The right to access your data.
You have the right to know what personal information the service has and how it is used. Once we receive your request and confirm the applicant's identity, your request will be approved within 30 days.

3) The right to correction of personal data.
You can apply to update, block or delete your personal data if the information is incomplete, outdated, erroneous, illegally obtained, or if the personal data is no longer required for the purposes for which it was obtained.

4) The right to restrict the use of personal information.
At any time, you can unsubscribe from news updates, customized offers, promotional materials, and personalized content, but retain your subscription to important alerts.

5) The right to request a complete deletion of personal data.
This includes all personal information provided during the registration process and collected throughout the use of our website and services. Upon request, all personal data, including user email data, cookies, IP address and computer settings will be deleted from our servers. The exception is your transaction history, disputes, and contacting the Contact Center, as this information pertains to at least one party and cannot be deleted without the consent of all parties involved. This operation entails the complete termination of all cooperation with the user, as any further services are not possible.

BOOST-FOR-YOU.COM is obligated to identify you before carrying out the procedure for the complete deletion of user data. To initiate this procedure, you must fill out a form.

6) The right of portability (transfer) of data (under certain specific circumstances).
The transferring of any personal data by personal request is regulated by the laws on the use of personal data. The transfer of any personal data to a third party is considered a withdrawal of personal data, which gives us the right to discontinue the services without notice. It is the user's responsibility to provide technical access to the data necessary for receiving our services to a third party.

7) The right to object to processing your personal data, including the right not to be the subject of a decision based only on automatic processing, wich creates legal consequences concerning you or significantly affects you in this way.
You have the right to object to certain types of data processing and to prevent further use of your data by BOOST-FOR-YOU.COM in specific situations (direct marketing; statistical processing for historical or scientific research; for tasks in the public interest; due to an official capacity that requires data withholding).

8) The right to file a complaint to a supervisory institution.
Under Article 77 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), if you believe that the processing of your personal data violates this regulation, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority in the Member State where your permanent place of residence, a business of work or location where the alleged violation took place.

The staff of SITE.COM service observes the legislation on Personal Data and has no right to change your Personal Data without your consent.

7. Disclaimer of Liability

We disclaim any liability or responsibility, direct or indirect, to the user in the event of damage, harm, or theft of BOOST-FOR-YOU.COM user account data in case by clicking on external links posted in personal messenger correspondence, online chat, reviews, comments, and site-related resources.

BOOST-FOR-YOU.COM is not affiliated with any third-party resources and has no obligation to reimburse you for any losses incurred due to any actions taken on third-party resources.

8. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy may change or be amended as we develop and improve our services without further notice. However, we are committed to respecting the rights of BOOST-FOR-YOU.COM users. You can always view our updated privacy policy on this page. In addition, we will notify you of the most significant changes by email or through notifications on the BOOST-FOR-YOU.COM website and in the online chat room.

Published: 06.08.2021
Last modified: 08.19.2021