Shadowlands Powerleveling Pack
$60.00 - $100.00

Shadowlands Powerleveling Pack

The purpose of the service:

By purchasing this service, you will get a professional booster who will temporarily use your account and powerlevel 3 your characters to Level 60! Our employee does not use any exploits and bugs of the game. The boosting process goes accurately and smoothly. Boosters adjust their VPN according to your location, which reduces all risks to zero.


– Account sharing;
– Shadowlands expansion;
– Active Wow Subscription.

ETA: Depends on the number of characters

You will be provided with:

A professional player on your account, who will fulfill the order and leave all the purchased in-game items and money for your further use.

You will receive:

X3 Level 60 characters with a chosen classes and specializations

Powerleveling through the threads of fate or the main quest line
Leveling through the Threads of Fate (only if you already have a Level 60 character with access to the covenant)

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