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Our service has finally opened! We work with professionals in the gaming field. Our main priority is to provide you with the highest quality services that will be unforgettable!

About us

We are veteran gamers, a community of professional players who, after many years of training and close-knit teamwork, decided to move to the next game level of World of Warcraft. Our goal is to teach MMORPG to other players around the world, show all the features and mechanics of the game, speed up and simplify the gameplay, fill it with new sensations and stimulate the desire to develop. Our team of players was created in 2014. Since then, our squad has grown steadily, including more and more professional players. Only in 2021 we decided to organize our own service. We play on European (EU World of Warcraft) and American (US World of Warcraft) servers in all the latest addons (WoW Classic, WoW Shadowlands, WoW Burning Crusade), improve our skills daily, developing characters of different classes and specializations, train team play, study materials and guides of professional players from around the world. And we are ready to share your knowledge with our customers.

24/7 support
Highly qualified operators are ready to take your order and advise you at any time of day or night.

Sturdy security
Our service guarantees complete privacy. We do not share your data on or off the website. Our site uses SSL certificates and HTTPS protocols for data transmission through secure connections.

Guaranteed results
If you take advantage of any of our services, you will get a guaranteed result - your character's growth in PVE/PVP content and the strict fulfillment of all conditions.

Performance Speed
Getting started promptly is one of the main conditions for our teams. Therefore, we always stick to the agreed schedule, and our operators will warn you about the start time of the run.

High-quality service
Our teams are noted for their diligence and experienced approach to their craft. We are professionals who respect your money and time. We will find an individual touch to clients, never disregarding your opinions and wishes.

Simple interactions
Our service supports expedited one-click shopping. There is no need to register and start a personal account. Instead, just choose a service in the store's catalog, pay, and you're already on our team!

About our services

What services do we provide?

We provide services on all official World of Warcraft servers:

EU region WoW boost
US region WoW boost


On all game worlds and current WOW DLCs:
WoW Classic boost
WoW Shadowlands boost
WoW Burning Crusade boost


Help you boost levels, reputations, in-game skills, and professions:
WoW level boost
WoW weekly boost
WoW Classic powerleveling
WoW Shadowlands powerleveling
WoW Burning Crusade powerleveling


Assist in dungeons and raids:
WoW mythic dungeon boost
WoW mythic+ boost
WoW raid boost


Help with arena boosts and battleground boosts:
WoW 2х2 arena boost
WoW 3x3 arena boost

WoW battleground boost
WoW Season of Mastery boost
WoW Season of Mastery Powerleveling
WoW Season of Mastery PVP
WoW Season of Mastery PVE

Who can make use of BFY boosting services?

1. Beginners. We can provide you with a tutor who will tell you all about the intricacies of the gameplay and help you choose the right boosting direction. You can also quickly and independently grow your character to the desired level through Powerleveling services. Upgrade your profession, reputation, acquire rare items, pass raids and dungeons - you can do all this quickly enough with the help of professional players.


2. Regular players, most often playing solo and enjoying the elements of PVE, but do not have the opportunity to pass the group tasks, dungeons, raids.


3. Experienced players who need to maintain a high skill level to participate in the top guilds and rankings and those who want to achieve the maximum in the game.


4. Bloggers who need help creating new content.

How to Become a Customer?

To become our customer, you can choose a service and its options in our store, enter your data, and place an order. After ordering, you will be contacted by a manager and discuss your request.


You can also write to our operator using one of the communication channels:
- Discord
- Skype
- Online-form Facebook


5 stars: Excellent

We will be glad to know your opinion about our service

Hello everyone, I want to share my impressions about this company. Great boost !! 36-60 Wow Season of Mastery for 8 days with 2 gathering professions, thank you very quickly!!!!!!

David Chandler

Thank you guys for NW Watermark boost. I really appreciate what you've done, also full stream with 68 hours is literally impressed. I would definitely recommend you to all my friends and co-workers.

Alex Riahuz

Super service, I ordered a pumping of my game character in Warcraft, the guys from Boost for you, they did it cool, I didn’t even expect that it would be possible for such a period, so they would advance in the game, I just watched my hero move up and admired how they work professionals. Thanks to.

Justin Miller

Great boost!! 36-60 Wow Season of Mastery for 6 days with mining profession, thank you, it was very fast!

Colin Evans

Very good boost in Wow SOM 1-60. Everything is at the most significant level. I particularly loved the specialized help operators. They made the request rapidly without the accompanying extra express choices

Silvi Andres

As always with Boost For You, fast and easy service. Second time used the service and both were great. It passed very quickly during the operation of the key. Well organized, helped me with a lot of subjects and helped me understand the game better.

Ralph Reeves

I bought a raid-hero SOD with additional lats + 5 traders. The guarantor was on 6 things, as a result left 11, passed very quickly without breaks and stops, guys know the business.

Grayson Collins

Great boost, nice price for a large dungeon pack +15, I really liked the attitude of boosters) threw off all the items, even those that I don't need :D Excellent service! thank you very much!


About security

Data privacy

All data you enter on the site is transmitted via secure connections using SSL certificates and HTTPS protocols. We will not transfer personal account data to third parties or organizations for any purpose other than providing the requested services.

Payment security

All payments are made through a secure payment service and buyer protection.

WoW account security

We guarantee the security of your game account when you share your character data. You can follow the specialist through a private Twitch channel during the service. All of our boosters use a reliable VPN, never use any exploits, never chat with any of your friends, or write in a game or guild chat.